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Living foods have been used successfully by Early Medicine and Holistic Practitioners' as well as Healing Centres for decades to treat a wide range of diseases, including allergies, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and the list goes on and on. It provides an abundance of easily digestible nutrients and enzymes, which often enables the body to heal itself. Living Greens gives you H.O.P.E. Hormones, Oxygen, Phyto Nutrients and Enzymes that you cannot get from Pre-Harvested, Processed or Packaged Foods.

Nutrition and Microgreens

Living Edible Greens and Juices such as Wheatgrass Juice (when the Fibre is to difficult to digest) are some of the highest Nutrient, Vitamin and Protein dense foods known to mankind. They boost the Immune System, Protect the Body from Disease and help to Remove Toxins from the body. Gram per Gram small Microgreens the baby version of the adult plant, are more densely packed with nutrients, Vitamins and Enzymes and easier to digest than the full adult version.

Eating for You

Eating for you does not mean little variety it just means we need to spend time discovering new tastes, new textures, new Flavour combinations and new ways of preparing. Ultimately we should eat to fuel ourselves, to enjoy new tastes. to boldly eat where we have not eaten before.

Humble Beginnings

Yes these are Fresh Microgreens grown in the dead of winter. Trays of Sunflower, Kohlrabi, Broccoli, and Radish. Lights suspended between storage boxes and a ladder gently sprayed with pure water daily. That's the spray bottle hanging on the ladder with purified water only.

I'm no longer buying packaged Microgreens with brown roots. Greens2u delivered right to my door, still Living microgreens roots and all.

Domenic B.

This is a business built during a pandemic that is dedicated to thriving and wellness. Greens2u is a step up in quality and freshness delivered at peak potency.

Judith N.

These are the Freshest microgreens I bought I guess because they are still alive. Buying a juicer next so i can start buying wheatgrass.

Vasco Q.

Lush Wheatgrass

We eat our Own

Full size samples Here! > Not the Itty Bitty kind

Trays ready to make someones day

Trying to be professional Photographers

Someone asked? Yes Pauls Hands

Wow Just Wow